Saturday, February 24, 2024

Bonaventure for Lent X

 ...since the Father brings forth the Son, and through the Son, and together with the Son brings forth the Holy Spirit, God the Father through the Son and with the Holy Spirit is the principle of everything created; for if He did not produce them eternally, He could not produce through anything in time; and therefore He is rightly called the "Fount of Life" by reason of this production within the trinity. "As He has life in Himself, so He grants to the Son to have life in Himself," etc. Therefore it follows that eternal life consists in this alone, that the rational spirit, which emanates from the most blessed trinity and is a likeness of the trinity, should return after the manner of a certain intelligible circle -- through memory, intelligence, and will -- to the most blessed trinity by God-conforming glory.

[Bonaventure, Disputed Questions on the Mystery of the Trinity (q. 8 ad 7), Hayes, tr., Franciscan Institute Publications (St. Bonaventure, NY: 2005) p. 266.]