Monday, February 19, 2024

Links of Note

 * James Kalb, Remembering Augusto del Noce, at "Chronicles"

* Ariel Melamedoff, Modal Metaphysics and the Priority of Causes in Hume's Treatise (PDF)

* Barbara M. Sattler, What About Plurality? Aristotle's Discussion of Zeno's Paradoxes (PDF)

* Sandrine Bergès, Against power, at "Aeon", on Sophie de Grouchy's political writings

* Eugene Chislenko, The whitewashing of blame (PDF)

* Jonathan Rée, Like a Top Hat, at "London Review of Books", reviews Émile Perreau-Saussine's intellectual biography of MacIntyre

* Shane Duarte, Leibniz and Prime Matter (PDF)

* Eveline Groot, Public Opinion and Political Passions in the Work of Germaine de Staël (PDF)

* George Yancy, What Can Deaf Philosophy Teach the World -- and How Will It Change It?, at "truthout", interviews Teresa Blankmeyer Burke

* Stefano Bacin, Morality as Both Objective and Subjective: Baumgarten's Way to Moral Realism and Its Impact on Kant (PDF)

* Luka Ivan Jukic, Why Scotland lost its tongue, at "Engelsberg ideas"

* Howard Sankey, Taxonomic incommensurability (PDF)

* Jakub Jirsa, Divine Activity and Human Life (PDF), on Aristotle's account of eudaimonia

* Edward Feser, Avicenna, Aquinas, and Leibniz on the argument from contingency

* Devinder Pal Singh, Concept of God in Guru Nanak's Hymns (PDF)

* Richard Y Chappell, Philosophy's Digital Future, at "Good Thoughts"