Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Links of Note

 * Eveline Groot, Public Opinion and Political Passions in the Work of Germaine de Staël (PDF)

* Terry Eagleton, Seeds of What Ought to Be, at "London Review of Books", reviews Richard Bourke's Hegel's World Revolutions.

* Qiong Wu, Alethic modality is deontic (PDF)

* Paul Shrimpton, 'Conscience Before Conformity': What the White Rose Students Can Teach Today's Young Scholars, at "National Catholic Register

* Stephen Harrop, Wisdom and Beatitude in Spinoza and Qoheleth (PDF)

* William Briggs, David Deutsch Rediscovers the Worst Argument in the World. ('The Worst Argument in the World' is a name given by David Stove to arguments of the general form, "We can only know things in such-and-such relation to us, therefore we cannot know things in themselves.")

* Ian Williams Goddard, A logic and semantics for imperatives (PDF)

* Richard V. Reeves, Why Some Are More Equal Than Others, reviews Darrin M. McMahon's Equality: The History of an Elusive Idea, at "Literary Review".

* Alexandre Billon, Why Are We Certain that We Exist? (PDF). This yields an account that is at least in the general vicinity of Malebranche's.

* Damion Searls, Translating Philosophy: The Case of Wittgenstein's Tractatus, at "Words Without Borders" 

* Jonathan Ichikawa, A Euthyphro Problem for Consent Theory (PDF)

* Abigail Tulenko, Folklore is philosophy, at "Aeon"