Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Bonaventure for Lent XXXVII

 As the First Principle is supremely true and good in itself, so it is supremely just and merciful in its work. Because it is supremely merciful, it reaches down most lovingly to our human misery through the infusion of its grace. However, being at the same time supremely just, God bestows this perfect gift only on those who desire it, grace only to the grateful, and mercy only to the ones who recognize their own wretchedness. Thus, freedom of will remains intact, appreciation of the gift undiminished, and respect for the divine honor unimpaired.

[St. Bonaventure, Breviloquium (5.10.2), Monti, tr., Franciscan Institute Publications (St. Bonaventure, NY: 2005), p. 207.]