Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Links of Note

 * Musa al-Gharbi, Introduction to the Symbolic Economy, at "Symbolic Capital(ism)"

* Gordon B. Mower, Dasan's Philosophy of Law (PDF)

* Hunter Dukes, American Grammar: Diagraming Sentences in the 19th Century, at "The Public Domain Review"

* Ekrem Çetinkaya, Aristotle on the Causal Efficacy of Perceptible Qualities (PDF)

* Matt Miller, Some Empty Words Considered, at "Matt Miller"

* Jed Lewinsohn, Reasons for Keeping the Commandments: Maimonides and the Motive of Obedience (PDF)

* Eva Schmidt, Hume and the Unity of Reasons (PDF)

* Rob Alspaugh, Cur Deus Homo II.1-6, "Teaching Boys Badly"

* Sam Alma, The problem of erring animals, at "Aeon"