Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Poem a Day XI


The lion paces in my brain,
roar and roar and roar again,
one half cunning, all insane,
and he does not cease;

the hunt is on, he stalks the prey
and leaps with claw into the fray;
the blood will flow like dawning day
with red and without peace.

To surge and slash! To overawe
and render reason by the claw,
to rule as king by bloody maw
with reign that will not cease!

With fluid force and hunting pride
I harry, herd, and pounce from side;
I roar and will not be denied
till I rule, for that is peace.


  1. Brandon, I guess this would be the poetic expression of
    philosophy as bloodsport, red in tooth and claw...


    For a timid undergrad like me, entering the world of
    academic debate would be as a babe entering the woods, nearing a den of
    wolves... It's not surprising that I would be sympathetic towards the idea of
    collaborative philosophy or Symphilosophie.

  2. branemrys11:42 PM

     You are certainly not the only one; lots of us are opposed to philosophy as bloodsport. But wait long enough, and you'll feel the lion pacing in your brain at least sometimes.


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