Thursday, December 19, 2013

Links of Note

* Metallica concert in Antarctica

* Stephanie Anne Golberg on Miguel de Unamuno

* Joshua Berman has finished his series on Orthodox Judaism and Biblical criticism (you can find links to the whole series at the link).

* I've seen several people recently recommend The Pulp Magazines Project

* The political significance of the Regina Mundi cathedral in South Africa

* Thony Christie discusses Bl. Nicholas Steno

* Nobel Prize winner Randy Shekman criticizes the top-tier science journals

* Todd Gooch on Ludwig Feuerbach at the SEP

* A good website on Ramon Llull

* At the Constitute Project you can read and compare constitutions from all over the world

* Former heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson reflects on the importance of reading Kierkegaard and Nietzsche.

* There have been rumors recently that Heidegger's schwarze Hefte, or 'black notebooks', which are soon to be published, are likely to contain very explicit anti-semitic comments. Whatever turns out to be the case, it will change nothing, of course; people will just find new arguments to maintain whatever their evaluation already is. But we'll see how people respond.

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  1. Chris_Huff4:29 PM

    Mike Tyson writing in the WSJ in an effort to expound on the virtues of reading philosophy? I can't say I ever predicted I would one day be reading such an article. I guess his encounter with the legendary logical positivist, A.J. Ayer, must have rubbed off on him:


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