Thursday, February 06, 2014

Two Poem Drafts

Both fragments.

From the Rig-Veda

May we be favored of the For-All,
for truly he is king, sustainer of being,
generated fro here, he views all;
the For-All has vantage with the sun.

In heaven invoked, on earth invoked, Agni,
indwelling all plants invoked,
the For-All powerfully invoked, Agni;
let him by day protect us from harm.

O For-All, may it be true of you,
may fair treasures follow us,
let this be done for us by Mitra, Varuna,
Aditi, Sindhu, Earth, and Heaven.

The Seaward Road

Distress flies away, darkness dissolves,
Shadow was here but no gloom remains.
Who once walked in darkness have seen great light.
On those who live in shadowed lands light has come.
He has glorified the seaward road.

Great joy you have brought them, gladness-overflow,
harvesting rejoicing they celebrate,
making merry as if dividing great loot,
for the burdening yoke, the bar,
the taskmaster's rod you have smashed.

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