Thursday, March 17, 2022

A Fountain Rose with Brimming Bound

 The Baptism of Saint Patrick
by Aubrey de Vere

“How can the babe baptiséd be
 Where font is none and water none?”
Thus wept the nurse on bended knee,
 And swayed the Infant in the sun. 

 “The blind priest took that Infant’s hand:
 With that small hand, above the ground
He signed the Cross. At God’s command
 A fountain rose with brimming bound. 

 “In that pure wave from Adam’s sin
 The blind priest cleansed the Babe with awe;
Then, reverently, he washed therein
 His old, unseeing face, and saw!

 “He saw the earth; he saw the skies,
 And that all-wondrous Child decreed
A pagan nation to baptise,
To give the Gentiles light indeed.” 

 Thus Secknall sang. Far off and nigh
 The clansmen shouted loud and long;
While every mother tossed more high
 Her babe, and glorying joined the song.

Secknall is the name of a Christian bard said to have been trained by St. Patrick.

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