Wednesday, March 16, 2022

But Woe to Him, Who Dares to Raise Ambition's Throne in Blood

Good Out of Evil
March Sixteenth
by John Holland

“A multitude of events appear to have either no intelligent cause, or no one adequate to their production; and because the operations of the Divine hand are disregarded, historians and biographers often disquiet themselves in vain to find out the causes and reasons of the circumstances and transactions which they record.”—Dr. Adam Clarke. 

 'Tis God's prerogative, all things to bend
 In one great aim, by heaven's eternal law;
 Thus, good from evil evermore to draw --
Thus, to evoke ev'n from worst means, best end--
Thus, with high Providence, to superintend
 All the affairs of this sublunar sphere --
Belongs alone to Him, who earth and sky
 Surveys each moment with omniscient eye;
While past and future, present, thus appear,
Jehovah will His sovereignty maintain,
 Yea, make the wrath of man his power to praise:
Awhile the tyrant triumphs in his ways,
 But woe to him, who dares at once to raise
Ambition's throne in blood, and boast a godless reign.

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