Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Doctor Universalis

 Today is the feast of St. Albert of Lauingen, Doctor of the Church; he is often known by the name he was given even in his own time, Albertus Magnus, Albert the Great. From his De corpore domini, on the Eucharist:

That it is nothing but grace is shown by the name, because it is and is named the Eucharist, which means "good grace". Although we receive grace in all the sacraments, there is in this sacrament the whole of grace, which we see, touch, and taste. Thus Zechariah 4.7 says about this sacrament, "And he will give equal grace to its grace." Whatever graces are scattered to be gathered in all the [other] sacraments and virtues, the whole is found here together in one grace. This is signified by the omer, which was the measure of the manna, which was sufficient for each one. [Exodus 16.16-17]

For the measure which is sufficient for man's salvation can only be that which contains the grace in which the whole Christ is contained....

[Albert the Great, On the Body of the Lord, Surmanski, OP, tr., CUA Press (Washington, DC: 2017) pp. 31-32.]