Tuesday, September 05, 2023

Links of Note

 * Dan Williams, Is emotionality a fingerprint of misinformation?, at "Dan Williams Philosophy" (The post began as a Twitter thread, which is the reason for its unusual format.)

* Liam Kofi Bright, Arguments in Philosophy, at "The Sooty Empiric"

* Olivier Lemeire, The causal structure of natural kinds (PDF)

* Stephen C. George, When Scientists Believed the Adorable Platypus Was a Hoax, at "Discover Magazine"

* Chris DeVille, Dog Sneaks into Local Metallica Show, at "Stereogum"

* Bridger Ehli, Fiction and Content in Hume's Labyrinth (PDF)

* A while back there was an online push to try to find who was the artist who painted the famous 1976 Dell/Laurel Leaf paperback cover for A Wrinkle in Time. The name of the artist has finally been discovered (thus proving one of the things that internet communities are actually good for, I suppose): Richard Bober. Amory Sivertson, Ben Brock Johnston, and Emily Jankowski give the story of how a connection that had almost seemed to be lost forever was discovered.

* The Iraqi government, for reasons unknown, recently withdrew recognition of the Chaldean Catholic patriarch, Louis Sako; he was forced to relocate his see to Kurdish city of Erbil.

* Vincent Lam and Christian Wuthrich, Laws beyond spacetime (PDF)

* Lauren N. Ross, Cascade versus Mechanism: The Diversity of Causal Structure in Science (PDF). All of Ross's work on causal concepts in the sciences, at least all that which I have read, is very good, and this paper is not an exception; it is excellent.

* Kathrin Koslicki & Olivier Massin, A Plea for Descriptive Social Ontology (PDF)

* The quantitative analysis blog, "Data Colada", was recently sued due its investigation of apparent academic wrongdoing; they have an update on the current situation.

* I don't think I've said much about the 2019 biopic Tolkien; I enjoyed it, although I find it somewhat lacking in a number of ways. In any case, Jess of the Shire recently had a review of it at YouTube with which I am pretty much in agreement: