Thursday, September 07, 2023

While All Is Dark Around, She Shines in Native Light

 Sonnet VI
by John Black 

While the bright colours slowly melt away,
That late the western clouds so richly dight,
And gradual darkness steals upon the light,
Thro' flowery vales, and groves I love to stray, 

 And silent mark the GLOW-WORM's kindling ray,
That mid the dunnest walks, and deepest glooms,
The long dank grass, with greenish light, illumes,
And glads the eye, and cheers the dusky way. 

 Tho' now it spread a radiance thro' its sphere,
 'Twas pale by day, unheeded, and unseen:
 Thus humble Virtue oft may dim appear,
Where gaudy Fortune spreads her dazzling sheen; 
 But in the gloom of drear Affliction's night,
 While all is dark around, she shines in native light.