Sunday, May 11, 2014

Fortnightly Book, May 11

The next fortnightly book will be Charles Dickens's famous novel, Buried Alive. Actually, it's A Tale of Two Cities, but Buried Alive was one of the titles he considered for it. He considered a lot of titles for it, including The Leaves of the Forest, Round and Round, Rolling Stones, One of these Days, and The Thread of Gold. The book was intended to be a serial for Dickens's new magazine, All the Year Round. He had the idea of relying on Thomas Carlyle's French Revolution, and asked Carlyle if he could send some additional information; Carlyle replied by sending Dickens his entire reference collection on the subject. By all accounts Dickens read it all, making this perhaps the first thoroughly researched historical novel.

I'll be reading it in an edition from 1938 put out by Heritage Press (New York). It is illustrated by Rene ben Sussan, who also illustrated Eugénie Grandet. It is printed in Baskerville type.


  1. Itinérante1:14 AM

    I am happy! I was just reading the opening of the book for my friend yesterday!

    We made a small parody. Of course not to compare with any Dickens or Not even with what you share and how you write but we still tried:

    It was in the best of times, when our souls were ripe that Christ revealed Himself fully. It was in the worst of times, when our souls could not bear it anymore that He saved us. It was the age of His infinite wisdom that roads were opened for us to lead us to His throne, it was the age of foolishness when nothing but fools we were and He transformed us. It was the epoch of belief, of our hearts crying yes Lord, please have mercy and the epoch of incredulity because he gave more than we could imagine, we were struck by a mercy beyond words and reason, and we stood wondering before that infinite Love...

    I will be waiting for the post you will make!

  2. branemrys3:36 PM

    It definitely has to be one of the best beginnings to a book ever written!


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