Thursday, May 29, 2014

Music on My Mind

Kidd Video, "Video to Radio". You can blame Enbrethiliel for the trip to a cartoon show from three decades ago.

Kidd Video was a surprisingly good cartoon, full of the endless pop culture weirdness of the MTV era. In the first episode, the band has to rescue the people of Neon City, whose lives have been sped up by the Master Blaster to force them to attend a concert put on by the Copycats; to do this they have to rock down to Electric Avenue (as the music video in a book tells them) to fix the clock there. At the same time, since the Copycats can only sing stolen music, they have to free Lionel Richie from the bubble in which Master Blaster has trapped him. That is not even remotely the most surreal episode.

The reason the album cover is in Hebrew, incidentally, is that Kidd Video became a huge sensation and marketing craze in Israel, enough to merit the one and only Kidd Video album release.


  1. Itinérante6:39 AM

    I have never ever heard of that show before (not surprisingly)!
    Just today in the morning my friend prayed that she might understand weird people more and she gave me a sympathetic smile... I need to introduce her to that show...
    Salamat Enbrethiliel! (I hope I got that one right!)

  2. Ahh great memories. Thanks so much for digging this one back up for me...I inflicted it on my much younger office-mate. He was simultaneously horrified and mesmerized.

    I call it the Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon of MTV.

  3. Enbrethiliel6:36 AM


    Guilty as charged! ;-) But I'll soon be returning the favour and blaming you for something. Unfortunately, it won't be related to Plato. Stay tuned . . .

  4. Enbrethiliel6:38 AM


    Absolutely right, Itinerante! (Tamang-tama!) =)

  5. branemrys9:20 AM

    Will do!


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