Sunday, June 27, 2004

Philosophy (&c.) Weblogs

I'm still sorting out what weblogs I want to put on my sidebar; here are the philosophy weblogs I am currently considering. They're all good, but I really only want to put on my sidebar weblogs I'll actually look at regularly, so they are, as it were, in the testing phase.

Experimental Philosophy

Certain Doubts


Fake Barn Country

Personal Knowledge

They're all good; but several of them are analytic epistemology, and so have discussions that, while interesting in themselves, are not my cup of tea, i.e., discussions to which I would be unlikely to have any response save my usual cynical skepticism about analytic approaches - which is certainly not the most constructive sort of participation for me or anyone else. So I'll still mostly be doing my own thing, and will just see if I find any of these turn out to be more than just occasional reads.

Other (broader interest) weblogs I'm looking at include

Ruthless Precision

God of the Machine

as well as the Ravishing Light website noted in an earlier post.

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