Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Christian Carnival (July 28)

The Christian Carnival is up at Jeremiah Lewis's "Fringe" weblog. The organization of the posts by places in Lewis's The Voyage of the Dawn Treader was an excellent idea - it works wonderfully well. I have a small contribution (my first) here. It's nothing impressive; I didn't actually have much available to submit. Some of the posts I found especially interesting:

* charity at "Doc Rampage": on the moral dilemma we face when people beg for money on the streets

* Organized Religion and the Church at "Parableman"

* Legislating Morality at "Exultate Justi": on the intersection of faith and politics

* Razzle Dazzle at "Wanderings of a postModern Pilgrim": on the problems of flashy worship services

* Exercise in Clear Thinking at "The Dawn Treader"

* Reasons For Our Hope at "reasons why": on apologetics

As I said, these are the ones that struck me as most interesting; but there are lots of others worth reading.

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