Friday, August 13, 2004

Bleg on Early Modern Philosophical Resources

I have begun doing some of the preliminary work of hunting down on-line resources for early modern philosophy to put up in Houyhnhnm Land. Currently I have some preliminary lists up on Catharine Trotter Cockburn and Mary Astell, without much evaluation (I'm starting with philosophers for whom there is a scarcity of good information), but the list will expand over the next month or so. If anyone reading this (now or in the future) has placed on-line any significant resources on any thinkers that are listed (significant = more than just a brief mention), especially articles or papers on their work, or selections from their original works, or if you have come across such resources, please contact me at bwatson{at}chass{dot}utoronto{dot}ca.

Currently I am simply dividing up resources into "Little Bits" (elementary information and blurbs), "Somewhat More Substantive" (general overviews and slightly more extended discussions of particular points related to philosophy), "Significant" (developed research on the philosophical views - currently I have none in this category), and "Actual Works". My ideal would be able to have lots of real research, rather than the very elementary introductory stuff that currently seems to be about all that's there; but we have to work with what we can get.

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