Sunday, August 29, 2004

Google Babble

Google's dadaistic free association for Siris, as portrayed by Google Talk:

Siris Syndrome Foundation is the World and more. information about the World and the World and more. information for Kids. games and other Voices. from the World and more.

Curious, I put in the names of several other weblogs, of which the best were:

Early Modern Notes is a new feature that will allow you to search for a Vacation in the heart of the matter, by the End of the WORLD. as we Know it....

(sounds about right, don't you think?)

All Day Permanent Red is the fourth installment in the series. is the perfect solution for the on- the- go supplement to the USB specification, Rev. and did did did not Did. too! did not did too. did not did too....

(what series, I wonder?)

The Elfin Ethicist is my property under copyright. Everyone has the right to Children. Boards of Canada. Music has the Right to Children. Boards of Canada. Music has the Right to Children....

(is it just me or is there something a bit sinister about Google's intentions here?)

Hmmm. But beware! The results can be quite distressing, as when I typed in Houyhnhnm Land:

Houyhnhnm Land is now in the fire! Service College Moreton- in Marsh, Gloucestershire GL5 RH did did did did did did did did....

Heavens! In the fire and in Gloucestershire, no less!

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