Saturday, August 14, 2004

A Thought on a Sunset

I had to walk home to get something before I settle myself in for a long night's work here. As I left the department, there was a stunning sunset sky overhead. So, as I walked I made this up, and then scribbled it down when I got home.


I grow sad when I think of wondrous skies
that have never been seen by human eyes
nor ever painted by artists' hands,
that mightily hang over times and lands
beyond where the reckoning mind can go,
sad when I look to the heavens and know
as another sunrise or sunset begins
that there are, uncaptured by the camera's lens,
such skies as this, and even more fair,
for which no artist ever did care,
though it deserved to hang where the Masters are,
more lovely than all their works by far,
and deserved to be loved for a million years,
but, alas! in a moment it disappears,
to be seen never again by human eye;
I grow sad when I think of that vanishing sky.

A bit rough, but not bad for off the top of my head as I was walking (I've done much worse under such circumstances).

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