Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Christian Carnival XXXVII

The 37th Christian Carnival is up at Intolerant Elle. My submission is the Sayers post. Some posts I found especially striking:

* There's a good critique at "The Journey" of the Church of England's sense of itself

* An interesting post at " the outer..." about the relation (or non-relation) between relationship with God and material success

* a post about fictional sermon stories at ""

* I like Fringe's The Brothel Creeper post because my favorite Biblical character is Rahab the harlot; she needs more and better press

* A post about welcoming one another at "The Grey Shadow"

* A great story about a little boy and hockey at "Domestic Excellence and Specialty Housekeeping"

* Rebecca continues her series on divine attributes with God's Goodness at "Rebecca Writes"

* "Parableman" has an interesting post on contraception

As usual, they are all of interest in one way or another; so go see.

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