Saturday, September 18, 2004

Keeping Up with the Neighborliness

I've been a bit lax in the weblog neighborliness department, so here's an update on various blogs who have linked to me in one way or another.

First, those that have put me on their blogroll:

* wood s lot: this is a good site for those interested in poetry and portraits;

* Mormon Metaphysics: I confess I don't know much about Mormonism beyond occasional contact with the Mormon branch of my dad's side of the family, but this weblog is very well done, and I'm learning interesting things while digging through the archives;

* Doing Things With Words: a new philosophy blog that's getting a good start;

* Giornale Nuovo: easily one of the coolest blogs in the blogosphere

I'm picky about who goes on my sidebar, but all these are candidates in varying degrees, some closer than others. DTWW is a bit political at present for my taste, but I'll be keeping my eye on them all. And then I'll have to get around to revising my sidebar, at which I've also been a bit lax. Also, I'm on the 'blinks' page for emptydog, which appears to be still under construction and not yet sorted out. I don't know if I mentioned it before, but I'm similarly on one of the bloglinks pages at Scott's Space.

Several linked to my "Blogscholars" post (it was a rather lightweight contribution; but it apparently helped clarify a point in the discussion, so that's good):

* The Little Professor

* Amardeep Singh

* The Conquering Poet

Several people also have linked to my "Spiritual Almsdeeds" post, including Commentariat and Under the Sun.

In addition, from my sidebar, Cliopatria, Rebecca Writes, and Early Modern Notes have linked to me several times; and some sort of acknowledgment seems in order.

I think that's it; as I said, I've been a bit lax about keeping up with this and so might have missed a few (but I haven't listed any of the ones who linked to me entirely because of the Philosophers' Carnival).

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