Thursday, September 23, 2004

Nodes of the Internment Issue

(I originally tagged this to the end of The Internment Issue; but then I decided, since it will grow longer, that it should have a post of its own. Not having read Malkin's book, I'm hampered in my ability to say much about the argument. So far the issues that I think are really key, i.e., the metapolitical issues of justification itself, haven't - at least from what I've read so far - been discussed much, although here and there it's been touched on. The less important factual issues seem to center on the three possibilities of 1) invasion, which Malkin seems to have conceded; 2) sabotage/espionage; 3) raids. In all cases the question is both whether & to what degree they were possible, and what people at the time knew about whether & to what degree they were possible. I'll be adding to the argument later: I have to finish Muller and add Malkin so the whole thing comes into perspective. And, of course, there are others.)

UPDATE: In the comments to this post at Cliopatria, Jonathan Dresner brings up a valid point in response to a comment that is in some ways like some of my suggested points:

With regard to Malkin's exposure, you're forgetting a steady stream of public appearances, mostly facilitated by College Republicans, which result in a steady stream of newspaper and local tv news reportage, and the 'multiplier effect' of having syndicated conservative columnists praising her work.

This, I think, would make a good beginning for an argument that bloggers need to pay more attention to the issue and, as it were, nip it in the bud. In case this does take off in the blogosphere, here is the beginning of my list of nodes for the 'cooperative distributed argumentation' that it would involve:

* Vox Popoli has lots and lots of posts on it; just a small and somewhat random selection:
(responding to Muller at Volokh),
(linking to an interesting bit of evidence from Robinson via Muller at Volokh),
(an open letter to Malkin),
(with several link to resources that I'll have to look at more closely),
(commenting on a response by Malkin),
(commenting on a remark by Muller),
(another open letter to Malkin, with 10 questions needing answers),
(a quick satire)
(24/09/04 UPDATE: Checking this from a different computer, I just realized that not everyone will be taken directly to the post; people will often have to scroll down. I'll post clearer information, e.g., date, on each of these links a bit later.)

Vox Day also has columns on the subject at WorldNetDaily:

No Case for Internment and A Challenge to Michelle Malkin.

(9/27) And another column by Vox Day: Was Al Franken Right?

* Powerline first mentioned it here and comments on the Malkin/Muller debate here

* Muller has written on this:

-> At The Volokh Conspiracy:
(starts here)
(on Vox Day on military necessity)
(the Mackenzie King bit from Robinson)

-> At IsThatLegal? (I haven't followed these very closely at all, so I'll have to put up particular samples later)

-> I just noticed (9/25) that there is a compilation site for posts by Muller and Robinson on Malkin

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