Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Christian Carnival XL

Well, the newest Christian Carnival is up (XXXIX is still pending due to Real Life, alas). My lightweight submission, Chapter 33, is here. Less lightweight notables:

* Chapter 7: God's Mercy at "Rebecca Writes," where Rebecca continues her series on divine attributes. At this rate it won't be long before her weblog will be the best place on the web for a crash course in beginning theology. Who but knows that someday there might be a footnote in some historian's text about how a blogger in the Yukon had an impact on the theological scene? (Does anyone know the adjectival form for 'Yukon', by the way? Yukonian?)

* Chapter 9: Just War: a post, In the Name of Justice, at "Viewpoint on just war (as you might have guessed)

* Chapter 19: Relational Apologetics at "Jollyblogger"

* Chapter 25: Thoughts on 2nd Timothy at "A Physicist's Perspective"

* Chapter 32: Beautiful Feet at "Another Think"

* Chapter 34: Might as Well be on Mars at "The Crusty Curmudgeon," on Lewis's Out of the Silent Planet and H.G. Wells. The quote toward the end is from my favorite scene in the book. I propose a new phrase: a "Ransom translation"; a Ransom translation would be an exposing of what a discourse really means by seeing how it would be translated into simple terms the straightforward and innocent could understand. (Wouldn't politics be changed if we all heard Ransom translations instead of the actual things politicians say!)

Mosey on over!

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