Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Christian Carnival XXXVIII

Part One of the newest Christian Carnival is up at Belief Seeking Understanding. I didn't submit anything this time around. Some notables:

* The Good Heretic at "Effortless Grace" : a retelling of the Good Samaritan.

* I'm smarter than you at "hungry4God" : on apologetics

* The Word Was God at "La Shawn Barber's Corner"

I'll note posts I found striking from Part II here in an update when Part II gets put up.

UPDATE: Now for Part Two:

* One Nation, Indivisible at "AnotherThink"

* On Belief in Miracles at "viewpoint"

* Are Christians Called to a Higher Life? at "21st Century Reformation"

* Scandala at "Ales Rarus"

* The Good News at "CoffeeSwirls"

And, of course, others that are also good!

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