Friday, October 15, 2004

The Word They Hear

I scribbled this today, and thought I'd share it. "The Word they hear," of course, is unspoken, at least by us.

The Word They Hear

"No word have I," said I, "no word at all
To tell of Him" - and yet within this call
We have from Him, can voice be silent still?
And even were this so, and silence spread
And bound my tongue as though it were now dead,
And shook away all discourse and all speech -
Yet then, what seeking soul could word not reach?
For let us not mistake that call that pours
From Heaven through Its Love, and not ignore
The nature of Its calling, strong and sure:
Though all fell dumb, yet message should endure,
Though quiet overcome, the Word be known.
For what cannot be said may oft be shown,
And though my tongue were bound with iron bands,
The gospel could I spread throughout the lands,
For though it needs a word, with Heaven's Lamb
I need no word but this, the word I am.
For even were I mute, this word is better,
And voiceless I may yet be word in letters,
Graven by the holy Son, the highest Word,
And being like to Him is always heard,
Though ears may yet hear nothing and I not speak,
Lord! In my living let them see 'tis You they seek!

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