Thursday, October 07, 2004

Worth Reading: Summary of Newman on Development

Ad Limina Apostolorum has begun a series of posts summarizing Newman's highly influential theological work, An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine. So far the summary has reached:

Part I: Doctrinal Developments Viewed in Themselves


Part 1: The Development of Ideas

Part 2: The Antecedent Argument in Behalf of Developments in Christian Doctrine

Part 3: On the Historical Argument in Behalf of the Existing Developments

Part 4: Instances Cursorily Noted

Part II: Doctrinal Developments Viewed Relatively to Doctrinal Corruptions

Part 5: Genuine Developments Contrasted with Corruptions

Part 6: Application of the First Note of a True Development: Preservation of Type

Part 7: Application of the Second Note of a True Development: Continuity of Its Principles

Part 8: Application of the Third Note of a True Development: Assimilative Power

Part 9: Application of the Fourth Note of a True Development: Logical Sequence

Part 10: Application of the Fifth Note of a True Development: Anticipation of its Future

Part 11: Application of the Sixth Note of a True Development: Conservative Action on Its Past

Part 12: Application of the Seventh Note of a True Development: Chronic Vigour

I'll put up the others as they are put up. (All of them are now finished.)

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