Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Also Readworthy

Ad Limina Apostolorum has a good post on miracles. I've been intending for some time to post on Lady Mary Shepherd's critique of Hume's position on miracles - as one might expect, it's brilliant enough that it should be better known. Perhaps I'll do a series of posts on the miracles debate in the early modern period. In the meantime I still have a series of posts on free will that needs to be started up again....

At the same weblog, you should also check out the posts on Origen on spiritual senses. Part I, Part II.

The Christian Carnival for November 3 is up at King of Fools; I forget what number it is. I especially recommend Rebecca's post on grace, and 21st Century Reformation's post on the Prodigal Son.

There's also a post on virtues at Disputations that's worth reading.

And at Fides Quaerens Intellectum a series has begun on one formulation of the problem of evil.

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