Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Another Poem Draft

This came to me today, when I was late getting out the door; so I was even later getting out the door. I'm not wholly happy with the second stanza, but the last two make good use of ambiguities in meaning (as just the obvious example, 'know as the rolling sun does rise' could mean 'know, as sure as the sun rises' or 'know, while the sun rises). Can you catch the allusion in the second stanza? The answer is here, if you can't.

A Texas Hymn

The birds woke me at the sunrise hour
when the grass was all a-dew and all was pale
beneath the light of one high white star
that signaled to the world that all was well.

And I, taking in the breeze that trickled down
the blades of greenest grass and then wound
around my legs to tickle tired feet,
knew the light, and knew the light was sweet.

When thirsty men drink from the flowing spring,
they come to life, new-quickened by the source,
as do I, when I hear the early morning sing
in bird, in light, in wind in gentle course,

and know, as the rolling sun does rise,
there is a Holy Spirit, God's own breath,
who fills with light the sky and human eyes
and raises even souls like mine from death.

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