Saturday, November 06, 2004

Another Remedy

There's a lot of venting and puzzling going on over the election - which is certainly fine, despite the fact that it's going on and on and on. (And despite the fact that some people slide from venting to absurdity.) I found a thought at Ales Rarus: what is really needed on the Left is something like a new Dorothy Day. For that matter, we could all use something like a new Dorothy Day.

Here's an interesting text by Day - her reaction to the death of Martin Luther King Jr.:

On Pilgrimage - April 1968

Here's her response to WWII:

From The Catholic Worker January 1942, 1, 4

There are throughout Day's writings many things with which I disagree (many, many things), but there's no doubt we could all use a few good Dorothy Days in visible places.

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