Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Two Poem Drafts

These are two older ones.

Before a Storm

The honeysuckle before the rain
sends out its scent;
the sky, a gentle gray with cloudy banks,
looks down in meditation.
Its philosophical study prepares the thunder,
rendering air electric,
charging it with the passion of the ages.
All is calm with consideration,
each blade of grass a scholar,
each blossom on the vine.


Set your stones upon the shelf;
who stones another stones himself,
for everything is always made
of everything and interplayed
with everything and turned to good
for everything, as it should.
Each work is but a holograph,
so in my laugh is every laugh,
and every tear and every word -
yes, ever said or ever heard
by every mouth and every ear
that in this laugh is gathered here.
And each and every bird that sings,
the dragons and ten thousand things,
are pendant in each joyful note:
each ray of light, each dusty mote,
each living thing, each bird in flight,
each cup of wine, each golden ring,
each jewel of hue incarnadine.
Turn now your violence to an end;
who fights a foe has fought a friend,
for everyone in everyone
will have his end and has begun
to be made goal of everyone,
to light the souls of everyone,
to bring to whole, yes, everyone,
to rise and roll through everyone
until each person in each part
of every person's beating heart
will look to each, and looking find
each person in each person's mind.
For every bit is made of all;
each atom is a chorus hall
of every world in every thought
which has each thing in thinking caught,
so that we are where we began:
all in each within the plan.
So who would make his person whole
cannot - save through his neighbor's soul.

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