Wednesday, December 08, 2004

More Carnivals

The 47th Christian Carnival is up, and this time I had the opportunity to read it. Some of the posts I particularly enjoyed:

* Pensées on Pride at "Digitus, Finger, & Co."

* Definite Atonement and the Open Invitation of the Gospel at "Rebecca Writes"

* Westminster Shorter Catechism - Question 3 at "Müßiggang ist aller Laster Anfang"

* Church: Why and How at "A Physicist's Perspective"

The 7th Catholic Carnival is also up (the theme is Advent). Particularly notable is Advent in the Luminous Mysteries at "Fructus Ventris" (I certainly learned something from this post; I had never even heard of the Luminous Mysteries, although I had heard about the others.)

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