Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Another Poem Draft

Coursing Star

Leap up, high star, at the voice of your Maker,
Leap up and rejoice at eternity's song.
In the spinning of the stars, He is there.
In the streaming of the dust, He is there.
In the fire and morning light, He is there.
Golden in the pond a water lily turns,
Bright in its flashing, rippling the pool.
Leap up, bright lily; leap up, coursing star!
Ripple your praises in harmonic creation.
Leap up, great fire; leap up with delight!
In the height of your fire forge living song.
In a canyon shouts echo, rebounding,
Resounding, returning, touching all things.
Leap up, coursing star, with your echoing light;
With your echoing force turn wandering worlds.
Leap up, coursing star, flying through spaces;
Sing with your brethren the praise of the Lord!

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