Friday, March 04, 2005

For Reading

* Carnivalesque 4 is at Philobiblon; it has some great posts. The contribution for Siris was the post on Malebranche and Seventeenth-Century Views of Heredity. The carnival also links to a selection at H. L. from Lady Mary Shepherd. There are lots of great posts here; go and see.

* Paul Denton at Ravishing Light links to a (possible) spoiler for the end of the Enterprise series. I agree with his comment on it.

* The Tenth Philosophers' Carnival is up at "E.G."

* The Christian Carnival is up at "Crossroads". It's the soap opera version.

* Catholic Carnival XIX is up at "A Penitent Blogger"

* Curt at Northwestern Winds discusses two types of faith.

* "Science and Politics" has a good post on Lysenko - what he got wrong, what he got right, and so forth. Very interesting; Lysenko is often used in phil. sci. as a paradigm case of bad science or pseudo-science, but, whatever truth there may be in that, there's a more complicated historical situation there that usually doesn't get looked at.

[* A good post on the value of our predecessors at Rebecca Writes.

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