Friday, April 22, 2005

A Different Kind of Prophet

I was quite distressed when it happened--
I quite assure you of that--
But I've been carrying burdens long ages;
why not carry the burden of the Lord?

Fancy me a prophet!

But I saw death--
and don't tell me I don't know death;
I know him when I see him
and no doubt about it--
I saw death in the road, and turned aside.

But men! They don't know what's right;
they can't open their eyes and see.
Here I am, an old girl like me,
trying to save him the trouble of dying,
and he beats me for it!

Then I said--and I swear I said it,
for the Lord Himself made me say it--
I said: "What have I done to make you beat me?"

That's what you can call practical prophecy--
straight to the point, and no denying!
And I know it doesn't sound like much,
but true oracles rarely do.

It's an easy enough riddle to guess, I imagine. After all, truth is truth whatever the source. Do you know the speaker?

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