Monday, April 25, 2005


* Charlie at "AnotherThink" discusses What Andrea Dworkin Got Right: But if she failed to understand the root causes of the evil she witnessed, she did not fail to grasp the terrible price women were paying in a society that views them as sexual objects.

* "21st Century Reformation" discusses living the gospel as a religious community in Benedict and Francis and The New Monastic.

* There's a great story at the top of this article at "Jews for Jesus"

* Christian Humanism: Beginnings at "The Internet Monk"

* An interesting discussion of skepticism at "Vomit the Lukewarm": Parmenides as the Refutation of Skepticism (Introduction), A General Account of Skepticism, Parmenides as the Refutation of Skepticism, Solutions to Apparent Difficulties in the Philosophy of Parmenides

* Greek Easter Holy Week at "deceptionsblog". Yes, it's Holy Week again, this time on the Constantinople side of the Church. If there happen to be a lot of interesting posts I'll post another Reading for the Holy Days toward the end of the week. And am I tired of posting about Holy Week and other holy days? Not on your life. If the blogosphere were up for it, I'd be willing to have Holy Week 52 weeks a year. That's what Christian life is, anyhow; the liturgical Holy Week is just Spring Training.

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