Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Memento Mori

* Meditation XVII by John Donne

* A Lesson Before Dying at "Cobb" (Hat-tip: Booker Rising)

* Learning from the Terry Schiavo Tragedy and Eating Disorder Info and Resources at ANAD

* John Paul II at "Viva Italia"

* To Love and Cherish at "The Upward Call" (Hat-tip: Rebecca Writes)

* Thoughts on End of Life at "The Doctor Is In". See also the post linked to in that post, Dancing with Death.

* Memento Mori -- a sermon by Spurgeon.

* "Over This, Your White Grave" -- a poem by Karol Wojtyla in 1939 on the death of his mother.

* Prayer of Peace

* Hymn of the Day at "connexions"

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