Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Minor Prophet

This looks to be an interesting website. The Minor Prophet (hat-tip: Rebecca Writes):

The Minor Prophet is a Web site for Christians, by Christians, at which you are invited to share the messages of God from the Scriptures.

The minor prophets had brief but powerful messages for their people. However, these chosen people of God were anything but minor. Overshadowed by the lengthier writings of the big-name Prophets – Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Jeremiah – the minor prophets often fall behind the furniture of our Christian lives, only noticed when we are flipping through the Scriptures for inspiration on our way to other, clearer books.

Fact is, the Bible’s minor prophets should often be the first place we turn. For one thing, they’re short. You won’t find 55 chapters here. The minor prophets are, in effect, those small smoothies you buy from the store for a breakfast – not too much to drink, but packed with all the vitamins you need.

Second, the minor prophets bring God’s message into sharp focus: for those who do not bow their knees to God, sorrow and destruction wait; those who do bow to God are invited to receive faith and forgiveness through God’s promised Deliverer.

Warnings and comfort, discipline and devastation – the minor prophets, in their messages to God’s chosen people, lay out the welcome mat for the message of love and justice that the Lord Jesus Christ will preach a few hundred years later.

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