Tuesday, May 31, 2005


* Just a brief post to say that the paper at the CPA (the one arguing that Malebranche's primary interest in mind-body union, and his primary explanation of it, is ethical) went well. In the end I didn't quite manage to get it the way I wanted, but several people said they enjoyed it. And, ultimately, it was just nice being the Malebranche person on a panel that had some of the CPA's best-known scholars of early modern Cartesianism.

* I have guests coming up today, so posting will probably be relatively light the next few days.

* Tomorrow is the first anniversary for this weblog. Happy Birthday, Siris! (UPDATE: Looking back it seems I was wrong; I had thought it was June 1st, but it's actually June 2nd. So it's the day after tomorrow.)

* UPDATE: It seems reasonable to link to my first post.

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