Tuesday, June 21, 2005

More Links

* The Lublin School of Philosophy. Lublin Thomism is a Polish branch of Thomism that has a strong emphasis on the philosophy of human nature (originally formulated in opposition to the Stalinized Marxism of Poland's pro-Stalin oppressors), and often makes use of personalist phenomenology for Thomistic purposes.

* You know you've been reading too much Cliopatria when, as I recently did, you read a post on Cleopatra and, despite knowing better, you can't shake the feeling that the name is being spelled incorrectly....

* Gödel and the Nature of Mathematical Truth, an interview with Rebecca Goldstein (HT: Mormon Metaphysics)

* A summary of C. S. Lewis's The Problem of Pain (HT: NWW)

* Hugo Holbling discusses the role of philosophical considerations in scientific inquiry in Neutral Science at "Studi Galileiani".

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