Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Two More Poem Drafts


The sun is not a ball of fire
but the sum of one desire:
to lure; and thus must it appear
to thoughtless eyes a burning sphere.
But all this rolling globe of light
is more than what appears to sight;
less like a flame, more like a word
in which the thought and deed are blurred,
it rolls, and in a single thought
all the paths of light are caught
and bent around it like a sea
extending to infinity;
it speaks, commanding: Come to me.

Some have thought the earth to fly
like a droplet in the sky;
a little water, a bit of earth,
a thing like nothing in its worth.
But they who ponder on the skies
study better, grow more wise,
and know: each star in its course
is subject to its endless force;
all the glories near and far
are affected where they are
by whispers born of ecstasy.
The whispers say: Come to me.

The stars are moved; each like a thought
has searched the sky and gently sought
the paths and ways by which things flow;
each is a word to those who know,
a gesture to each thing and kind
that the seeking soul can find;
each calls out to eternity,
each ripples out upon the sea,
each beckons, saying: Come to me.

Hagia Sophia

I am light;
I leap cat-like;
I dance on walls.
My swiftness is lightning.

I am fire,
purest aether,
each flame a thought,
each ray a truth,
that leaps into the darkness.

Like the oil of gladness,
like the glad heart,
I pour down,
each word a speaking glory.

The world breathes;
its spirit brings to life
the myriad creatures.
I breathe the world.

I played in the darkness;
like a child I played,
and hiding and seeking
I play in the morning.

Cease wandering in folly;
come and be wise!
For I am the origin
and I am the end
and I am the hope of your dreams.

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