Friday, July 15, 2005

Links of Interest

* Karl Marx is the greatest philosopher. Looking at some of the reasons people voted for him, the vote perhaps shows something else, e.g., that people don't actually know much about the history of philosophy.

* Philosophy Carnival XVI at "Dinner Table Don'ts"

* History Carnival XII at "Mode for Caleb"

* Miriam Burnstein discusses nineteenth-century religious fiction at "The Little Professor". In the twentieth century Lloyd C. Douglas comes to mind as well.

* A good post at "Fides Quarens Intellectum" on Hume's Sensible Knave.

* I had intended to link to it before, but forgot; Stuart Buck has a post on The Moral Force of Originalism at "The Buck Stops Here". I don't think originalism is adequate, but since I think it is inadequate through incompleteness rather than positive incorrectness, I agree with the argument in the post.

* "Rebecca Writes" begins a series on Hebrews 11.

UPDATE: Nathanael Robinson has an interesting post on European unity at "The Rhine River."

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