Monday, July 25, 2005

Lovely Linkables

* Who knew that Yoda was a Presbyterian? "Matthew in Beirut" salvages a summary of some especially noteworthy scenes in George Lucas's movie, Backstroke of the West, in which (if I understand properly) In Elephant, the young apprentice (strong in the Wish Power) of Ratio Tile, in his journey to become big is first made by the Presbyterian Church and then seduced by the Dark World. So there's at least one reason to be Calvinist: light sabers! (HT: Positive Liberty)

* Saddled by the Spiritual Method at "Ad Limina Apostolorum" discusses spiritual exegesis.

* The Mind is Stranger than Fiction at "Mixing Memory" discusses some fascinating cog sci experiments with weird results.

* Latin in Buffy and Angel at "Laudator Temporis Acti" -- I'm sure you can guess from the title.

* In Defense of Method and More on Method at "21st Century Reformation" discuss the adaptation of some basic ideas of the Franciscan revolution for today's spiritual needs.

* UPDATE: Coturnix examines blog carnivals at "Science and Politics".

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