Monday, July 18, 2005

Reminder for People in the Toronto Area

The Hume Conference begins tomorrow at the University of Toronto.

Plenary sessions are open to the public and may be attended without registration. All plenary sessions will be held in the George Ignatieff Theatre at Trinity College. The plenary speakers are:

Tuesday: Martha Nussbaum (U of Chicago)
Wednesday: Michel Malherbe (U de Nantes)
Friday: Dan Garber (Princeton)
Saturday: Don Garrett (NYU)

Individual sessions are also open without registration to any UT students or faculty, if they are intending to attend only one or two of the sessions. Lunch and other events require registration.

The schedule for the conference can be found by following the relevant link from the Department of Philosophy homepage.

If you can make it, I strongly recommend it: Hume Society events are quite enjoyable for anyone with a taste for philosophy. There's a reason they call it the Nice Society of Fun People.

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