Monday, August 08, 2005


Saturday I was walking up Yonge toward Eglinton, and passed Mount Pleasant Cemetery. On a big sign with bold letters out front were the words:


That gets my vote for creepiest cemetery sign.

I celebrated the Afterfeast of the Transfiguration the way I always do, namely, by celebrating my birthday. For most of the day I did nothing. It was great; I should do nothing more often.

I ate dinner at a place called the Brasserie -- very mixed bag. The french onion soup was great; the roast beef good; the potatoes and green beans very mediocre; and the Yorkshire pudding fairly good. There was enough salt on the whole dish to recreate Lot's wife; they need to watch that. For dessert I had an apple tart with vanilla gelato; very bad, and certainly not worth what it cost. The service was great, though.

I came back to find that I had been the subject of a small Dapple-lanche, which was nice. Thanks!

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