Friday, August 26, 2005

Dashed Off

As I've said before, I'm something of a compulsive note-jotter. Here is a random selection of some of my recent jottings.

"The proper sphere of philosophy, no less than of art, is the whole civilised public. This is the body in which it is to circulate, and to which its action must be applied." Schlegel Philosophy of Language, lecture 1

Fools may more quickly deny than any sage can prove.

"To see the invisible benefactor face to face is the most ardent desire of love." Feuerbach

The historian holds a mirror to the scientist and says, Now you may see yourself.

Father Brown & remorse beforehand

continuous approximation to a perpetual peace

a science fiction story about mnemic causation (perhaps Borges-like)

ancien regime -> nouveaux riches; old aristocracy -> new money; counterculture chic -> yuppie popularity

'What ought to be' makes no sense unless there is something making it so that it is what ought to be.

The assent of faith is not intrinsically founded on congeries of probabilities.

A sign is a motive of credibility.

Museums falsify; but they introduce, & that, done well, redeems it all.

Osiander is right -- if we can't attain to true causes.

philosophari in Maria

German Idealism was neo-Joachimist.

As a regulative principle it is worthwhile to treat peace as the norm and war as the exception.

Qui facit veritatem venit ad lucem.

Compassion requires an infrastructure.

the sentiment of rationality (the feeling of scurity from cognitive dissonance)

philosophical millenarianism (Kant)

virtues -> offices -> cases

Collective responsibility is a form of personal responsibility; it is not responsiblity of a group as such but of persons insofar as they are united in a group. (Trying to pin responsibility on a group w/o trying to understand how it is a matter of responsiblity for persons-in-a-group is, as HD Lewis says, barbarous.)
->something similar must be said of solidarity
-> We cannot, as a matter of fact, avoid holding people collectively responsible in some way; the only question is whether we will do so rationally and justly.

"But even the power of vision, though the eyes be now healed, has not force to turn them to the light, unless these three things abide. Faith, whereby the soul believes that thing, to which she is asked to turn her gaze, is of such sort, that being seen it will give beatitude; hope, whereby the mind judges that if she looks attentively, she will see; charity, whereby she desires to see and be filled with enjoyment of the sight." Augustine Solil. 1.12

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