Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Two More Poem Drafts

The second is loosely based on a scene in Helen Waddell's Peter Abelard.

Night Whispers

I like city lights
they show God's grace
the glow of humanity
on the earth's face

they have a flaw
they obscure the sky
and all the stars
that in it fly

I like the stardome
sublimely lit
my heart leaps up
at the sight of it

but darkness comes with it
and while it endures
the walking stranger
is not secure

so has it been
since our race began
with light we fight
the darkness of man

but the light obscures
the starry grace
the sublime-bright hope
of the human race

Scream of the Rabbit

Child-like it screamed; he ran,
past leafy bushes and trees he ran.
Three times it shrieked and a fourth,
heart-rending, chilling, desperate-making,
its terror tearing soul-strings.
Blooded it lay caught; evil teeth,
iron teeth, spring-powered fangs,
ripped flesh and tore tendon,
drawing life out onto soft fur.
He opened the jaws; a thankful head
nuzzled his hand for the kindness
and died, the life flowing out,
the eye losing light. He wept.
Vision swept around him, grief-bidden,
laying bare every human soul,
caught in a trap, iron teeth biting,
heartache like screams of rabbits dying,
life flowing out, death coming on,
briefly nuzzling kind hands that help
before death comes. He wept,
calling the world its true name;
its true name is Golgotha.

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