Saturday, September 24, 2005


Somewhere Beyond Saturn

Somewhere beyond Saturn
I sat thinking
of a seraph crucified
of an aspiration's whisper
of deathless men in spindizzy flight
I wandered
in my mind's wondering
in the drifting of my ship

I dreamed for long ages
of cat's eyes and soft purrs
of a preaching to the fishes
of the algebra of humanity
I was diligent in my dreaming
weaving gossamer moonbeams
building cities in the air
carving laws into mechanical brains
scarcely putting a pen to paper

Somewhere beyond Saturn
my mind wandered gently
seeing stars in a darkness
feeling an abstract cold
I looked across the table
to soft eyes and gentle
scarcely seeing with my eye
hovering on the edge of sense
where the je-ne-sais-quoi tugs
in peripheral shadows and lights

I was caught up
in the eye's swift twinkling
in my own private judgment
hearing some distant trump
A singular state was upon me
Then a mockingbird sang
startling me to the present
and I finally poured the tea

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