Monday, October 10, 2005

Bits and Bytes

* Discussion of (a)moral themes in Serenity at "speculative catholic"

* A First Things article on Darfur (HT: verbum ipsum).

* Faithful living in the technological society at "verbum ipsum"

* Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton at "We are still here", in a post that fits nicely with Columbus Day (I hadn't realized that the source of the holiday was the Tammany Society).

* Jimmy Akin directs some well-deserved sarcasm at a Times of London story on the Catholic Church (HT: NWW).

* Sharon's Early Modern Resources website is looking gorgeous. Go and browse a bit!

* The Twentieth Philosophers' Carnival is up at "Logic and Language". If you are interested in hosting an edition of the Philosophers' Carnival, read this and talk to Richard.

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