Friday, November 11, 2005

Approximation to Brandon

Taking a break. Feel free to join in, with answers or your own questions, in the comments or on your own weblog.

1) Jane Austen or Charles Dickens? Jane Austen
2) Who is your favorite George Eliot character? Savonarola
3) What is your favorite play by Sophocles? Antigone, followed closely by Oedipus at Colonnus
4) What is your favorite play by Euripides? The Bacchae
5) What is your favorite play by Shakespeare? Henry V
6) Plato or Aristotle? Aristotle
7) Name two movies that most people have probably never seen that you would highly recommend. Patrice Leconte's Ridicule (a delightfully fun movie for anyone who likes the early modern period; in French, but the English subtitles are well done -- important for non- or weak- Francophones since much of the movie is a long string of jokes and word plays). Don MacBrearty's Riddler's Moon (unusually good for a movie made for TV).
8) Foucault's Pendulum or The Name of the Rose? The Name of the Rose.
9) Tea or Coffee? Tea.
10) In your opinion, the least appreciated great thinker in history is: William Whewell, followed closely by Lady Mary Shepherd and Nicholas Steno.

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